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Our Home Builders

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Rex & Kathy Miller


At Miller Custom Homes, our mission is to build quality custom homes that anyone can be proud to own, whether the ownership is for one year or 30. Our extensive experience in the home building industry allows us to take your ideas or ours or a combination of both to create and build that special home of your dreams. 



Tim Akens


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Tim Akens, a 3rd generation home builder & carpenter, with over 40 years of experience, is married to Loy Vaughan Akens, for 25 years, and lives in Abilene, TX.

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Jon Loudermilk


Homes by Design is a division of Loudermilk Enterprises, family-owned and operated by Jim and Jon Loudermilk. Constructing quality-built homes with beauty and elegance has been what this company has done for years in the Abilene area. 

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Tim Ellis


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Our focus on affordability, quality, timeliness, customer service, and premium amenities set us ahead of the competition. We lay every stone with intention and purpose, knowing it will remain for years and years to come. This is what separates us from the other custom home builders in Abilene, TX!

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Jay Tindol


As a professional Custom Home Builder, the talented team at Key City Custom Homes only works with the best materials. Our staff members produce consistent results and offer reliable work ethics on every project they work on. Everything we work on is built on a strong foundation, which means it’s built to last.

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Kris Gay



To us, client communication is a top priority. We keep in constant contact throughout the entire construction process and provide updates on a daily and weekly basis. Clients also have real-time access to a cost sheet to view expenses and keep the project within budget.

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Ron Boyd



Our mission is not only to construct sturdy, beautiful, and functional products for our clients, but to build long-lasting and trustworthy relationships. Most of our projects come from word-of-mouth recommendations, so it’s important that we do our jobs well. We also believe in only working with top-quality materials in order to provide a truly excellent final product - every single time.

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Jesse Evans


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Legend Homes is a full service Custom Home Builder dedicated to building and improving residential structures according to client needs and desires. Our team is ready to give your space whatever updates it requires. Just give us a call and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

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